Eau Domes

My mission is to network with dome enthusiasts in the Midwest to energize this architectural movement.

Also, I'd love to build some domes in the Chippewa Valley Area with anyone interested.

Get in touch with me if you'd like to join the project.

This page is currently dedicated to sharing resources in the dome world.

Domes are one of the strongest architecture designs in the world.

Domes provide an increase in heating/cooling energy savings of around 40%.

Inspiration for Domes

Click here for paper dome instructions

Click here for dome projects around the world.

Zip Tie Domes

Geodesic Dome Kits that are Easy to Build

Growing Spaces

Most gardeners feel frustrated by their short growing season. At Growing Spaces, we believe everyone should have a greenhouse garden where they can sustainably grow clean, healthy food all year round - no matter where they live. We are avid gardeners ourselves and living at 7500 ft in an arid climate with only a 90 day growing season is very challenging! That's why we've created a controlled, sustainable dome greenhouse environment so anyone can easily enjoy their dream garden all year round. Our award-winning geodome greenhouse kits, used by thousands across the globe, provide a reliable ecosystem plants love - and a green oasis for you and your family - 24/7 - 365.

A new, flourishing world awaits inside a geodesic greenhouse dome from Growing Spaces. Join our community of happy Growing Dome greenhouse gardeners and start thriving today!

Dome Gaia

Their mission is to provide Earthlings everywhere with tools, trainings, and designs for building eco-elegant, high-quality, low-cost AirCrete structures.

Monolithic Dome Institute (MDI)

Advances the construction of the Monolithic Dome — a super insulated, steel reinforced, thin-shell concrete structure. Built worldwide for residential, commercial, and industrial uses the Monolithic Dome is beautiful, energy efficient, green, and strong.

Pacific Domes

For over 40 years they have been the leading US geodesic dome manufacturer & supplier.

Cal-Earth Institute

The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture, is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to providing solutions to the human need for shelter through research, development, and education in earth architecture. We envision a world in which every person is empowered to build a safe and sustainable home with their own hands, using the earth under their feet.

Buckminster Fuller Institute

For 30 years, BFI has served the international network of Fuller-inspired innovators.