Healing & Wellness

By Dylan Johnson

Utilizing Universal Life Force Energy to foster natural self-healing, reduce stress, balance energies in the body, and promote self awareness. We have the ability to heal ourselves when given the appropriate space and time.

Wellness Modalities

Guided Meditation & Breathwork - Experience techniques to bring you in resonance with your Autonomic Nervous System. Diminish the stress in the present moment, alleviate the stress caused in the past, and manifest your future dreams.

Vibrational Sound Healing - Utilizing various instruments, including the Voice, the vibrations help shift energy that has become stagnant or sticky in the body. Our emotions are energy in motion, and when we allow the energy to flow through the body, any dis-ease begins to dis-mantle itself and the body begins returning to homeostasis (self-healing).

Hand Reading - Every pair of hands are unique to the person they belong. Learn what your hand has to share with you.

Sessions are holistic in approach, integrating the modalities listed above.

Introductory Session with Initial Intake and Consultation - $80

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