Recommended Books

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I only recommend books I have read after reading Limitless, which has helped me read faster than I ever thought possible, and comprehend at a deeper level than ever before.

Limitless - Jim Kwik

This book was the first one I read in this twenty twenty one-derful new year.

Create good habits, unwrite limiting beliefs, and become a super hero.

Music Medicine - Christine Stevens

I thought I was hosting drum circles before I read this book.

Then I realized we were only jamming together, without a clear framework.

For the inner musician in everyone, and I mean everyone.

This book is about healing through the power of sound, either solo or in groups.

Stress Less, Accomplish More - Emily Fletcher

I've tried meditation before, and never stuck to it.

The goal of the book is to rid the world of ex-meditators.

Read this and create more time your life.

Writing Down Your Soul - Janet Conner

Call this a book about intuition, as it was my first.

I now write my soul down everyday and listen to my inner wisdom.

Miracles do happen.