Health Coach Dylan Johnson

Introducing Your Health Coach, Dylan Johnson

Meet Dylan, your dedicated Health Coach. With four years of rigorous study at Precision Nutrition, Dylan earned his Nutrition Coaching certification in 2019. Taking his commitment further, in 2022, he achieved certification in Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery Coaching. Currently, Dylan works at a local meal store in EC, where he not only sells wholesome meals but also offers expert guidance on healthy eating right from the storefront.

But Dylan's passion doesn't stop there. He's discovered a way to extend his expertise and support beyond the storefront to help people near and far...

About Coach Dylan

From a young age, Dylan had lofty dreams of becoming a Rocket Scientist - Rock Star. You might wonder, how does that connect with health coaching? Well, as a scientist (or coach), Dylan is always exploring innovative ways to create positive change, one person at a time. And as a musician (or leader), he's on a journey of self-expression while guiding others to discover their authentic selves.

Dylan's transformational journey began when he left his hometown and deepened when he attended the Arizona School of Integrative Studies. Upon returning to his home state, he realized that coaching was the missing piece needed to facilitate lasting change in people's lives, including his own. Today, he's committed to enhancing the lives of individuals both near and far, fostering community for a better quality of life.

How Coach Dylan Can Help

Dylan is here to support you on your health journey. He completed an 800-hour program to master various healing modalities and the art of holding therapeutic space. Creating a safe and supportive environment through presence is his secret to helping individuals open up and receive guidance with accountability.

With years of experience in customer service, Dylan has honed his skills in building connections through insightful questions and deep listening. Now, he offers an affordable coaching service online through his Pocket Coaching. To ensure sustainable progress, he provides continuous support. Frequent accountability serves as a constant reminder of the positive changes you aim for, preventing you from falling back into old patterns.

Remember, change takes time, but it all starts with taking the first step.

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